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Hosting Server and Domain Names

Basically a hosting server is where on the web all the files that make up your website are stored.
The domain name is the address where people can find those files.
Yearly fees that are associated with both are the cost of having your files stored and accessible 24/7.
For people who don’t work with this everyday and are not familiar with administering nameservers, FTP access, domain pointers, etc., the process can be very intimidating and confusing.
To complicate matters, companies that provide these services are constantly trying to sell you more services that in most cases you really don’t need, offering you deep discounts the first year, only to double and sometimes triple the fees every year after that.
Depending on the size of your website you really don’t need much space to host it.
We offer a less costly and less confusing option.
When you have a website designed by us, the first year hosting and domain name is free!

Every year after that, you only pay $60 to renew both the domain name and the hosting.
We handle the whole process.
No third party companies to deal with.
No trying to understand what you need and don’t need.
No hidden fees and…
If you still choose to host your website elsewhere we will of course gladly help you through the process.

Hosting Server and Domain Names